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An Actress in Berkhamsted

My ambition for the Arts and Drama started at a young age of 15. I knew from then on my passion is to be on stage. I am actress with 25 years of experience on stage and screen- Seven years professional acting and filming experience working alongside well-known in US and Poland director and writer Andrzej Stalony-Dobrzanski touring around Poland involving drama and comedy shows. Since 2010 I am an actress of Theatre Syrena in London and also I am director of the Theater Katharsis in Dunstable. 



Voice on Polish Play in Radio ISLANDERS in England and Radio Polonia in Montreal.



Theatre Katharsis WHO AM I London, Doncaster, Peterborough, Romford


LIBRARY OF LOST DIARIES Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum. London


 Theatre Katharsis GINGERBREAD HOUSE. Written by Andrzej Stalony-Dobrzanski, Directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

Theatre Katharsis LONELY AUTUMN Written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

 Poem's evening in Dunstable

WHO AM I Written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

Part in Poem's Musoc evening REMI&FALKO. Dunstable

 LONELY AUTUMN Written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik


 Theater Katharsis GINGERBREAD HOUSE Directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik Romford, Slough, Dunstable, London

Poem's evening Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik, Blazej Szumab with Remi&Falko


Theatre Katharsis LONELY AUTUMN written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik Dunstable, Peterborough, Northampton, Hemel Hempstead, Dunstable


Theatre Katharsis KAKTUSIK directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik, Peterborough, Dunstable

Theatre Katharsis THE MIRROR Written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik Peterborough, Dunstable

Theatre Katharsis POEM'S EVEMING 


Theatre Katharsis WE ARE ALL A PILAT Written and directed by Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik Dunstable, Milton Keynes

Theatre Syrena MATOLEK THE BILLY GOAT Director Slawomir Gaudyn, London

FILM RATS WHO EAT MEN role play Mother Viscous Tarmac Pictures Lindon


Theatre Syrena PINOCCHIO Role play Fairy Director Slawomir Gaudyn London

Theatre Syrena LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD role play mother and grandmother. Directed by Slawomir Gaudyn


Theatre Syrena SNOW WHITE Role play Stepmother Directed by Slawomir Gaudyn. London

Film CONFLICT Role play Mother

Film CHAMPION OF THE WORLD role play sportswoman. For Channel 4. Neath Films Ltd Film. Film producer Maverick Kelly

Film PROJECT EVOLUTION Role play gangster girlfriend, waitress. London

Theatre Syrena DRATEWKA THE COLBER role play: witch. Directed by Slawomir Gaudyn. London

Theatre Syrena THE TWO WHO STOLE THE MOON role play mother. London

Commercial CRANFORD COLLEGE for global channels London

FILM Bishop GOZO London


Monodrama BELIEVE ON MORE TIME Hat Factory, Luton


Article Writer for WIZJER Polish Magazine.


Acress for the Theatres in Crakow, Poland. Played various of drama roles working with well know in US/Poland writer and director Andrzej Stalony-Dobrzanski


 Actress in W11 first polish docu-crime series in Vrakow, Poland


Actres in Drama Group in Olkusz, Poland


The Power Of Words

My other passion is writing poetry and oil painting. Since 2017, I have issued three original volumes of poetry and ten international anthologies, also I am a member of Berkhamsted Art Society and Artist Society KaMPe in London. 

I took a part in International Poetry conference in Vilnius, International Poetry conference in Prague and Bratislava 2019, International Theater Festival in Vilnius.Lithuania 2018 and 2019. I am also working as a volunteer for British Police and DENS- that is the charity seeking solutions to the problems of homeless people.

My Artistic Expertise

As you can see by my portfolio, I'm familiar with a wide range of artistic methods and styles, which means that whatever kind of artistic services you need, I have you covered. From oil painting to sketches to a bit of my own design and illustration, I can work with you to create aesthetically appropriate pieces no matter what you need. I'm enthusiastic, energetic, professional and hard working person.I'm putting my heart and 200% on everything what i do.

Dorota Gorczynska-Bacik

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What I Do

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